Villa Marcello Giustinian

Villa Marcello Giustinian

Mogliano Veneto

Historical residence belonged to the noble Venetian families Marcello and Giustinian since the end of 1600, in 1979 has been transformed into a prestigious hotel with four star classification.

The 45,000 square meter park is the work of the famous French architect of the `700 De Pestes and is composed of groups of plants including redwoods, oaks, magnolias, yews, pines and many other tall trees and fruit. In the park they are placed three small lakes interconnected by canals in turn connected to the locks at the Dese river that besides being the boundary of the property also serves as a border between the provinces of Venice on one side and the other Treviso.

Sort near the Terraglio Napoleonic road served as a summer residence. It was also used as a cantonment of the Napoleonic troops during the French occupation and as a military hospital during the two world wars, transformed into a private hospital clinic later.

Access to the villa through a large wrought iron gate leads to the access road along which you can see the statues on pedestals and a votivo.Al capital end of the avenue sweeping views over the park on one side and the villa from the other.

Historic house belonged to the nobles

Venetian families Marcello and Giustinian

until the end of


It’s complemented by a small eighteenth-century private chapel with frescoes and a precious marble altar surmounted by a Venetian school shovel, oil on wood perfectly preserved.

On the first floor is the living room Giustinian or parties that had the dance function hall and music room connected to a large scale with steps in Istrian stone on sight, even here we can find a great floor terrace and the coats of arms on the walls of the Giustiniani family.

From the lounge you can reach the corridors where there are the bedrooms.

Equipped with 40 double and eight single rooms all with private bathrooms (45 with shower and 3 with bathtub), a heating ventilation and air conditioning, ISDN telephone connections to the web, television, minibar.

The property was completely renovated in the ‘year 2000

We have interior rooms from 10 to 140 seats and an outdoor gazebo with 140 seats.

The 45,000 square meter park was made by

the famous French architect of the `700 De Pestes

We can organize meetings with various organizational solutions up to 180 people in rooms covered with WI-FI network and equipped according to request plant microphones, overhead projector with screen, flipchart, folders with office equipment.

All of this surrounded by a secular park of about 45,000 square meters equipped with tables, chairs and umbrellas where you can read a good book or enjoy a refreshing drink during the hot summer months after returning from a day out in Venice which is only 10 km.

The city is easily accessible by car about 10 minutes, by bus (one every 20 minutes) in about 35-40 minutes, or by taxi the cost is about 30 €.

By train from Mogliano station is a shuttle train every 20 minutes and takes 15 minutes. Treviso, another city that is only 12 km is just as easily accessible in the same way.

The Marco Polo International Airport is 12 km away and can be reached by taxi or car the trip takes about 15 minutes.

Built behind the anciet Napoleonic road Terraglio

It served as a summer residence


They’re at your complete disposition